Self check jibing with GoPro MAX mounted sail.

Attach GoPro MAX to boom

This time I attached it to the boom using the handlebar mount of the road bike.It was difficult to fit the diameter, but I was able to attach it with a little effort.I chose a place right next to Boom Joe, in front of the camera, with no obstacles.At first, I was able to get a good video or so so.

That day was a planing condition.

The place is in Kamakura's Zaimokuza Japan, the wind is about 6 meters(12-14knots), and it seems to be swaying from northeast to east. Equipped with a 7.5m2 2-cam freeride sale on a 118 liter freeride board.

Rided this course

Recorded from the start of planing to jibe.
This time, there is only one video from the first planing to the jive. I got some planing videos, none of them were so different ... As you can see in the video, we found many improvements.

Click here for planing to jive patterns.

Find Improvements When Shooting Planing Movies With GoPro MAX.

  • GoPro MAX should be installed upside down
If you watch the video, you know. The boom is in the way and my feet are not reflected.GoPro MAX shoots in 360-degree mode, so top, bottom, left, and right are irrelevant.After mounting it upside down, I'd like to try it a few times to find out what's better.

  • Carry a spare battery
Starting from 9:30, the battery level was less than 20% at 11:00.
Shooting in 360-degree mode and shooting with GPS turned on, the battery was quickly consumed. GPS consumes the most battery.

  • Select a large capacity micro SD card
I use 64GB.My micro SD card had half of the previous data, so in about an hour and a half I ran out of all the rest.The 360-degree mode has a large amount of data, so it is recommended to use a micro SD card with a large capacity as much as possible, but for my usage this time, there is no problem if all 64 GB is free considering battery driving time .


What is difficult to improve is that you can only take one side of the sail.May be different when mounted on top of rough, but not adjustable with 7.5m2 sail.It is a big accident if you attach it to the luff top of a small sail in a strong wind and the camera comes off and hits someone.Even if the accident did not happen, it would be a considerable shock to find that you did not have GoPro MAX in the meantime.I'm not windsurfing to make videos, so I want to have fun.